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Playstation 3 is one game console that is super amazing! Upon its release, the PS3 surpassed all expectations on its features especially on its graphics which needs to be stressed out. PS3 is very good when it runs normally but it is a headache when problems start to occur, when you get all these error messages like ‘error code 80010036’ and ‘ps3 error 8001002b’ which of course you have no idea what it means – then you begin to say to yourself PS3 is not that good anymore.


PS3 technical support can be helpful if you have extra money, but what if you don’t? gives you the answer where you only need less than $200 to shell out, and nothing more. For other services that charge much, FAQs can be an advantage if you know what they are talking about. But not everybody understands what goes on inside the Ps3. Considering that your device is under warranty, the repair is always for free and you just send the device to Sony. But of course you have to wait for 6 whole weeks for your ps3 to return. With and the repair kit it advertises, say goodbye to dangerous ways of fixing playstation 3.

Watch Video Guide and Fix Your PS3 Now

The Playstation 3 yellow light of death or also known as YLOD is very appropriately named. When you go to turn on your system and watch that little yellow light flip to a blinking red light, it is very frustrating. You press the button over and over trying to get the system to boot, but it doesn’t do anything. Many Ps3 owners assume their console has really died and there is nothing to do but to just throw away the system and purchase a new one. That of course is absurd because the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death is a fixable problem and it is very likely that the new console will just develop the same Playstation 3 yellow light problem, and you can’t continually replace it over and over.

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There is an easy and quick solution on how to fix a playstation 3 that rids you of all the error messages and you won’t have to pay over $200 or even wait 6 weeks for your playstation to run again. Your salvation is waiting for you at This is your final destination. If you want to permanently get rid of the Yellow/Red/Green Light of Death and the Red Screen or any ps3 error code then this repair kit is for you. There is an easy step by step D.I.Y. which you can follow to easily repair playstation 3 at your home rather than getting help from Sony which immediately demands $200 from you. This repair kit contains videos professionally made, an ebook which contains detailed instructions and pictures, a manual which contains full color pictures, a private access to the members area and forum where you can access all the tools and DIY kit instantly, plus, an instruction manual for easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Fix Your Playstation 3 With Ease

You can be guaranteed that if ever this problem would ever arise again you will still have access to the fix procedures. These procedures apply to all the PS3 models, from the PS3 20GB to the latest ‘slim’ which would have the same yellow light problem. In a nutshell, this repair kit will fix the Yellow/Red/Green Light of Death, also known as YLOD, and will also fix the beeping sounds, as well as the red screen of death, or any PS3 error code that you might encounter. It can also fix any Blu-Ray drive errors and a Black Screen. You should have your PS3 up and running in an hour given that you follow the instructions set out.

A Brief History of The Playstation 3

Playstation 3 is commonly abbreviated as PS3, and it is the latest video game console released by Sony in November of 2006 in the United States and Japan. Upon its release, PS3 surpassed all expectations with regards to its features and gaming experience and it is now being used in most residences in Japan and around the world. The Playstation 3 is the third generation of Playstations which started as Playstation and followed by the Playstation 2. Since its first release, the gaming experience has really changed making its predecessor obsolete. Playstation and Playstation 2 gamers can still enjoy PS3 because of its backwards compatibility feature. This means that PS and PS2 discs can be inserted in the game console and can be played as if playing with the old consoles.

With the new Blue-ray disc added on as a feature, gamers are going to experience high quality game cinematics. This feature also allows the users to play blue-ray disc movies. PS3 is very family oriented and it allows the whole family to bond and enjoy watching High-Definition (HD) movies in the comfort of your home. The Playstation 3 is not only a gaming device exclusively, but it is now also considered an entertainment device which everybody in the family can use.

Fix Most Common PS3 Problems Without Delay

But like any other device, the PS3 also has its problems. The indicators of such problems include the most common red, yellow, and green light of death which gives its users the sign that there is something wrong. But usually, users have no idea on how to fix a playstation 3 so they resort to expensive services.

All electronic devices generate heat when it is plugged in and running at full capacity and the PS3 is not an exemption. But you don‘t need to have a degree on electronics to repair playstation 3 there are some quick D.I.Y.s on how to fix playstation 3 problems. When the light in front of the PS3 blinks red and green, it indicates that the system is beginning to overheat. Turn off your PS3 when you see this warning and check the vents to make sure that they’re not obstructed. Move the Playstation 3 to an area that isn’t enclosed or near other electronics, as it may be more susceptible to overheating otherwise. The Playstation 3 generates a tremendous amount of heat, and it may even be hazardous to those other devices, so stacking should be avoided. When the PS3 reaches the point of completely overheating, it will flash red and then stop functioning, but you may be able to restore power by waiting for a bit before restarting the device.

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Another usual Ps3 problem encountered is when owners connect a VCR or VCR-DVD combination device, and the videos played usually become distorted. But this is not a problem because this is actually a feature designed by Sony to for copyright protection. As we all know Sony is a distributor of movies and music so to avoid people from playing illegally copied movies, the PS3 shows a distorted picture when hooked through a VCR to play DVDs.


Gaming experience has no limits due to the fact that you can play with your friends across the United States or half way around the world. Playstation networking has made it possible with the help of internet connectivity for you to play with your friends all in the comfort of your homes. It’s as if your friends are beside you but you get the benefit of enjoying full screen and not the typical 2 player games which would split your television screen vertically or horizontally which minimizes your screen.

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